Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stress Free Packing

Vacations are important.  We need them to regroup and relax and give our souls a chance to rejuvenate.  What we don't need with vacation is stress.  Hopefully you've taken the stress out of planning your Disney vacation by contacting me to make it simple and easy for you!  But with any vacation, there are a few stress factors that just can't be avoided and packing is definitely one of them.

 A good friend of mine, Evelyn Cucchiara, is the guru of helping people take the everyday stress out of life and creating the space to have more time to enjoy life.  Her business is called The Hopeful Life; Happy, Organized, Peaceful, Efficient and Full of Fun.  I asked her to come up with some helpful tips that will reduce the stress factor when it comes to packing.  She's shared her thoughts on this topic in her blog TheHopeful Life Blog - Summer Packing Made SimpleI hope you will check it out along with her website http://www.TheHopefulLife.com

Vacation planning can get overwhelming and the details can really drag us down.  I love working with families to bring them "Moore Magic" and I want to help create a Disney vacation that is tailored to your family's needs and keeps it simple for you.  As I always say, my job is to make your Disney vacation as stress free as possible and your job is to make magical memories with the people you love!

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