Friday, January 22, 2016

Here's a throwback to 2001 with our 3 Year Old, almost 2 Year Old and Pregnant with my daughter!



It’s always a challenge to guess what kids will be scared of and what doesn’t bother them.  I always encourage people not to push their kids onto rides that look scary to their child.  As your vacation progresses, they will likely come to realize there is nothing that will hurt them and they will get braver if allowed to figure this out on their own terms.  However, if you get them on a ride they didn’t want to go on and it is scary for them, you will have them doubting the rides and what you say about the rides all week.  The same holds true for approaching the characters.  The costumed characters can be really scary for many children.  In my experience, the characters are very good about dealing with this. If your child is afraid, the “face” characters such as the princesses etc. are usually much less scary.  When not forced, the timid child usually comes around by the end of the vacation.  Either way, looking from afar can be all that is needed.

When my daughter was little, sometimes parts of rides, like on the Pirates of the Caribbean, felt too scary for her.  My husband would have her sit on his lap and would drape his jacket (or blankie etc.) over her and told her she was safe under the magic blanket.  This seemed to work for her if she was unsure or wanted to go on a ride but was afraid of certain parts.  She could peek out when she was feeling brave and duck under when she wasn’t.  I always encourage people not to push their kids but sometimes, the situation arises and you find yourself with a very frightened child.   This strategy might work for you too… but only for tame rides with potentially scary images – not roller coasters etc!!