Monday, May 13, 2013


Making Magical Memories!
SUMMER – the mere mention of the word puts a smile on almost everyone’s face.  It is nearly impossible to think summer without associating it with the universal thrill of the last day of school!  Remember that elated feeling of freedom and sheer joy you felt bursting from the dark hallway, through the school exit doors and into the bright and beautiful sunshine?  Harmonizing with your friends the iconic jingle of “No more pencils, no more books…”   Summer vacation is here wrapped in excitement and anticipation of the yet to be discovered adventures that lie ahead.
What awaits you this summer vacation?  My family's summer will begin with a traditional camping weekend of tents and bug spray and tubing down the great Delaware River.   Fourth of July festivities will take us into the realm of summer day camps as each of my kids get time to focus on whatever interests them.  But beyond all the fun and lazy days of summer lies the crown jewel of our summer vacation plans – 10 glorious days at Disney World!!   The dependable fun of favorite attractions; reuniting with beloved characters; and even with our numerous trips, the excitement of trying something new because there is always something new to try!  It is where we truly relax and rejuvenate and rekindle what it means to be family.  It’s been over 17 years of making magical family memories and we’re still going strong!!

What are you doing this summer?

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